Monday, February 16, 2015

Carnaval!‏ Sent: Mon 2/16/15 8:20 AM

Hey family!

Just being a missionary and  stuff. This week was a pretty slow one and we had a lot of appointments drop because of Carnaval. Not that our area has a bunch of part parties or things like that but more because everyone left our area for the parties. Carnaval is continuing these next two days but should be done by Wednesday. So yep we are still roughin it out here in the beach. No really good investigators yet and cant seem to get people to go to church. We have one investigator that we first found super drunk. He was pretty funny and we marked a day later to stop by his place, thinking that it would be a wash anyways. Turns out that, he is still interested when he is sober. He is a funny guy and I like him but his progress is super slow. He would rather feed us than listen most of the time. He is a great humble kid though. Also we had a group of 20 yr olds in Jacaré stop us and ask us where our church was and if they could go. They stoped us.. haha Really cool people but they didnt go this week. Honestly would have been a miracle because Jacaré is 20 min away and the Train doesnt work on weekends... and it was carnaval weekend.. so maybe next week. Things with Elder Wilson are interesting as ever but I am learning more about myself and the gospel. Putting your shoulder to the work is the best way to forget about problems. Language is coming. Still slow but I can understand more than I did 6 weeks ago and I can say almost anything I have to. Depends of the person if they can understand..

Rash is no problem anymore. Not important. We have more fans in house now so sleeping is better. Keeping in touch with washington as best I can. Only having an hour to write people is difficult to get everything off to people. I havent heard from the Elder family recently so I wish I had better contact with them. I have heard that that area is hurting right now. I still miss that place so much. 

Alright so you guys are having a blast this week. Mom&Dad you guys are awesome. Enjoy the beach and things this week. Lamsons and Kodras too! Dont know what more to say for you guys! Dad - Maggie looks more like a hockeyplayer than a birthday girl hahha loved it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY maggs! Thats so crazy. I only left a month ago guys this isnt possible. Ellese I loved the song and dance too! Have fun you guys! West&Stasia&Brooklyn! You guys sound great. Loved the pictures. She looks so much like you gixtureuys. I think it is a perfect mixture! Enjoy the new diet! If a caveman cant make it.. we dont eat it. haha Just know that all I eat is cookies and soda.. and rice beans and noodles everyday of my life...... haha 
Keep on being strong guys! Love you all and have a great week. Hey read a conference talk this week! I have been reading them like crazy! There is a talk in Portuguese that I read by Ucthdorf in November 2011 that i dont know the title of in english but it was super sweet. Super dope. I recomend it. 

Com amor! Tchão! 


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