Monday, December 29, 2014

New Years!‏ Mon, 29 Dec 2014 11:16

Hey family!
Oh man is was so good to talk to you guys on Christmas! I dont know if this is a good thing or not but just seeing you guys and knowing that not much has changed (in that you are all the same goofy people with random questions and personalies) makes me realize that being here in brazil isnt that far away. Though my life my dip and sway on the mission, knowing that you all are safe and sound makes me feel great. So thanks for that!

Hopefully you were able to ask everything you guys wanted and sorry if I was ever distracted or disinterested with talking about anything. Life here on the mission has reached a point where everyday is pretty much the same and its becoming harder and harder to share the stories that take to backseat to the overwhelming problem known as the language barrier. SO today I dont feel like talking about it anymore. Its not worth it. Neither is talking about the struggles of this mission in particular. So i have decided to try harder to share better stories, and if they are mediocure to begin with I will use my Christensen charm to over exagerate the stuffing out of um. 
Ha alright so I never described to you guys the story of when I played soccer with the Brazilian kids. They play soccer on a whole nother level. No joke! I cant explain it. It is so smooth and beautiful! But they do this all without shoes... right so I wanted to be cool too. I took off my shoes and started to play some ball and I could litterally feel this monster of a blister start to form on the bottom of my left foot. The next moment I got another on my right! By the time I was done playing soccer I coulnt even walk on the balls of my feet! haha I am fully recovered now (have pictures of it though) but if there is anything that you take away from this story.. let it be that if you american, dont play ball without shoes.. (but I did score a goal and nutmegged some 5 year old! haha) As far as my hair cut, everyone was super thrown off about my bald spot! haha Like no joke they dont understand that I was born with it. haha They all keep making jokes about how I sneezed while I was cutting my hair or something.. everytime...
Oh also I dont remember if I told you guys this or not but my first name is a verb! haha yeah COOPER means TO JOG and not only that, It is the pun of a joke to people from sao paulo.. an inaproriate joke apparently? haha yeah they have tried to explain it to me but i still dont see why it is funny. (I think the joke has something to do with having a good butt) haha so hopefully that will lift your day.
Other than this we have no real plans for new years.. But we will be rigning it in before anyone in the North or South americas so thats pretty tight. Our investigators are few and little progress so we keep at it. 

Family! I love you. Enjoy the winter break as long as you can. Texan travelers, be safe! West it was great talking to you and Stasia and BROK! love you guys! Stay happy! you dont know how much I need it from you guys right now! 

Te Amo! 

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