Monday, December 15, 2014

OPA! Date: December 15, 2014 at 6:05

Yo yo! Family!

Hey! Everyone sounds so awesome! Glad to hear from all of ya! Honestly P-days are only great because of Email!
Alright so we had a pretty good week I guess. Since I last wrote on Wednesday we had a pretty normal 5 days. Walked around and Invited everyone we saw to church and then did you usual. ha We are currently strugglin to get some solid investigators. Our area is pretty rich so the people are harder to get a hold of and not as humbled and ready to hear the gospel. So yeah is a struggle. We are teaching a few sweet people but they are moving super slow. We have a church pastor who is super cool because he basically just studied the Bible for 10 years on his own and then created his own Church because he couldnt stand the corruption he kept seeing in all the other ones around him. He has tons of questions and we dont know how much listening he actually does when we teach but he is reading the Book of Mormon so hopefully the spirit will crack through then. He is super educated which means that I cant understand a word he says so I sit there and play with his dog the entire time. HA jk I pay attention.. as much as I can. We also taught our American people and as expected they kinda turned us down because the Mother is a very strong Catholic. Which is a bummer because the daughter would be elict otherwise. We still sat there and talked with them. They kept bringing up questions about the church though and temples and stuff so we were pretty much teaching them gospel truths anyways without them knowing it. haha Love it when that happens. 
Other then all this, life in Brasil is pretty sick. Still dont have the language where I want it to be but that is alright. Elder Loveland is great but he is having a hard time run the area and help me learn the language so I get kinda left in the dirt a lot. Its all good though. Part of the learning process. This place is so funny though. There is just such a weird culture to it. So one side of our area is super loaded with cash and the other is kinda fevela status so we see some of the weirdest things sometimes. Like horse drawn carridges in the middle of the appartment highrises. And yeah everyone here are beach dwellers so Shirts and irrelevant. I love it here though even if the work is hard. When you compare it to the states is probably more succesful number wise but the work is just so much more than numbers so it struggles. Hopefully we can get someone to come to church. Then we can talk about baptism. haha 
So yeah SKYPE next week on the 25th.. we will be at a members home. Not sure yet but it will be pretty sweet to see some faces! Stay posted.

Well, family you all sound awesome. Glad to hear AZ was so sweet! B! Youre a man and a half! That 6 months to sexy worked out for ya! If you remember and Elder Stanger that was Visa waiting in your mission I met him at the CTM and he said he knew you. Also I met the kid that just left from your home ward in the CTM as well. There was some serious AZ represented in the CTM. Mom&Dad travel safe. Dad- glad to see you still wear the gross old sweaters! Mom you look great! Love you both. LAMBSONS! Rollin up in the BENZ! jk Suburban is pretty sick though! Hope the travel was safe. You guys are awesome. W&S&B hope you guys are alright. What are we gonna do about skyping all the non new mexico people? Kodras! Enjoy the vactions! Glad to hear the AZ game was sick. Beardown. Hang in there guys! Enjoy christmas with the RENTS. 

Love all of ya. Love the gospel. Read your scriptures. They are a lifesaving device!

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