Wednesday, December 10, 2014

3rd Week on the Beach!‏ Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014

Family! How are ya?

First off this week was transfer week and so for whatever reason we dont have a P day until wednesday so for now on every 6 weeks just expect and email later in the week. No changes were made for me or anyone in our house really so its all good in the hood.

Another week is in the books and cant honestly look back and say it was any better than the week before! ha But its all good. Had some cool experiences along the way that were pretty great. We knock doors pretty much all day long and on this one door in particular we knocked an started to talk. She was asking us some questions about where we were from and then we found out that they both speak english! haha so it through them off pretty hard and we started laughing about it. They let us in and yeah we have some new investigators in English and I actually get to talk to them! So i get to feel like a missionary again! Its pretty great. We saw them this monday and I dont know how far it will last but hey I enjoy it for now. Just another week of walking and trying to learn Portuguese other wise. I feel like I understand most of what people are trying to say but if it enters another topic other than the gospel I am doomed. I am beginning to understand a lot more about myself and grow stronger so thats the positive side. Still not loving it too much but hey its all part of the journey. Oh and another funny story I just remembered was that last night we had to push a members car out of the road! There was an underground water pipe that just exploaded and he was driving over the water (because it just flodded the entire streeet) and his front end fell in to this massive ditch that the broken pipe caused! haha so we got to help out with that yesterday night! ha 

Christmas is coming and yeah we will get to skype. We will work out the details on that as we get closer to it. Thanks for all the stuff in the package. Not going to lie I opened everything, but I feel like I was supposed to because I wouldnt have been able to wear my christmas socks everyday otherwise! Thanks mom your great! Other things to answer your questions. There are 3 americans in total at our place. E. Brown arrived 6 weeks before I did and was serving in Boise for 10 months before as well. There are 2 native Brasilians and one other Argentinian . So yeah we all just got transfer calls last night and nobody is changing so we will all be here for christmas. For P-day we will probably just go get some food real quick. Go back to the place. Sleep and maybe play some Phase 10. we arnt aloud to leave our area or play soccer but in all honesty is too hot outside anyways to enjoy it. So yeah P-days are not the greatest but hey you learn to enjoy them anyways. 

you guys sounds like your doing great. Mom sorry to hear christmas isnt up yet. You will get there. Jenn- so sick about the phone! lets see how long it lasts! also good luck with the car hunt. West- Brooklyn you are adorable. Keep on being texan! you guys will enjoy the DISCO! ha yeah man beach probably outdoes that grimmy rio . Nano- glad to hear you guys still do rediclous things like christmas at Disneyland! But hey I guess its kinda close by so make the most of it. Enjoy the cooler air in NM. I miss it too! haha 

Sorry the letters have been getting more and more lame but I have to write my ritzville people to see what has been going down! I love you all! I Will do better next week! No need to worry bout me! LOVE

if I have time I will try to send pics after

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