Monday, December 22, 2014

alright so lets get down to the real talk. Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 10:43

alright so lets get down to the real talk.

Today is not my P-day. Last minute change.. anyways I need your skype stuff and maybe even someone elses skype information that i can use because there is no way that I remember what mine was. So yeah Password and Username would be awesome and then I am sure also that once I login I can call you cause it should have your contact saved. 
Second, we are allowed 40 min. If it happens to run over I wont say but yeah we only get 40 so prep yourselves to only talk about what is important! haha I will call sometime in the afternoon brazilian time. Probably around 2pm here. So whatever that turns out being for you guys .. idk . right before lunch I am guessing. 
Also I will have a full email time that morning so if there is anything you want to tell me before skype I will be able to respond then. 
Glad to hear everything is going great though! SO STOKED TO TALK TO YOU ALL ON CHRISTMAS!

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