Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015! January 5, 2015 at 7:14

Oi OiOi! Familia! What it do!

Here we are in 2015!? What happened to 2014?  Man, time is moving fast! Well my week was pretty good. Really slow here because everyone is partying and living up the vacation time so everyone was gone to the beach or busy drinking! haha Brazilians go ham for the holidays. So yeah we did the best we could this week. For new years night.. we slept!! And I dont regret it! haha It was pretty anti-climatic. In other news, our ward also moved over to another church building so we have a brand new chapel and its pretty fancy. It has that AC and everything. The micraphone actually works from the pulpet so for the first time I have actually had a chance at understanding people in the chapel! What else.. Not much I can think of... We are still trying to shuffle through all these people we find everyday and actually find someone that is sincerly interested so keep us in you prayers. I know there has got to be someone here! 
In other news, I bought a Ukalele! After 1 year of waiting, I now im a proud owner of a miniture toy guitar! haha But seriously though the Ukalele is high quality and it was pretty cheap once you convert it over into US dollars. For P-day today we will most likely go get some grub and take it easy. Might play some soccer in the afternoon. I need to wash all me pants because everyone of them is stained blue because of the Book of Mormon that keeps rubbing off on my paints! haha #missionaryproblems 

FAMILY! I just want to tell you how incredibly happy I am to have all of you in my life. I love how close we have all stayed together and how much it means to me that everyone of us is living the gospel of Jesus Christ! Seriously though.. if being on my mission has opened my eyes at all it would be that now I have an overwelming amount of pride and joy from my family! Keep up the work everyone. We are just so great! haha

Romans 5: 3-5 is a pretty sick scripture if you want to read it! Helps me for sure!

Alright! Stop. I love you. 

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