Monday, January 12, 2015

1 Year mark!‏ Date: January 12, 2015 at 6:53am

Hey everyone! 

Can you believe it! One year out already? I dont understand it. I thought that 2 years was a long time but turns out it really just feels like 2 months. So yeah I will oficially hit one year this Thursday! No idea how we will ring it in but it will most likely be by walking around and knocking doors or something! haha But really they have a couple of Subways here so maybe I will just go out to eat there and get a taste of america right quick. Subway here is super fancy and expensive so it will be worthy of such an achievement! This past week was pretty good. Still dont have a really good progressing ivestigator but we are working hard. At the end of the week we found some really great people that will hopefully come to church the following week so we are praying for that. They really are some incredible people. Within 30 min of knowing them they were already pullin out the crackers and Coke and trying to feed us while at the same time the lady at the house changed the music from Bob Marley to a gospel CD to fit the atmosphear! haha So that was pretty great. We are finding it a little bit easier to get people to agree to Church in the afternoon in the brand new chapel. But they still doesnt mean that they go. The new chapel is like a 20 min bus ride and it really is a 3 hour commitment to go.. So yep we are just tryin to finish this last week of the transfer with something acomplished! 
Shoes are great. No problems there. Language is comming I thnk but I really think that what I need now is a new location with a brazilian comp. Where I cant get a away with speaking english when my comp cant understand and a ward that hasnt already decided that I cant speak anything so they actually try to talk to me instead of elder loveland. haha 
Ukulele is perfect. and Life just keeps on movin. No really funny thoughts or stories today. Got kinda sick at the latter end of this week and am still just tired and trying to get over it. Just a head cold. 

Family!- Mom&Dad - I dont think that you guys have been home for longer than a week since I left for my mission! Have fun in SD! (everone that chooses to wear Orange- SORRY THE BRONCOS LOST AGAIN! bummer guys.. it just really hurts me to see you guys get hurt again.) (now that there are 2 babies in the family Half of my emails are just straight pictures of baby..) 

Have a great week 
Tchão gente!

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