Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Transfers and Humpday‏ Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2015

Yo yo Familia!

Hey everyone! So yeah a lot to talk about this week so lets get into it. Aright so all of our work in Bessa is starting to pick up! We had a investigator actually come to church! She is pretty incredbile. Super humble and she came all by herself even though her family baled on her! She is super prepared and not doubt will be baptized and maybe her sister as well. But yeah also we found some sweet people in the road the other day eating some green mangos in the street and then a few days after we went back and had a huge block party lesson in the road with all the neighbors and such! Ha they are some pretty hilarious people though. This one lady was totally for the BookofMormon and testifying for us that it was the real deal and she has never read it! haha so they might be a solid group of people. On top of this I celebrated my year mark with SUBWAY and soda... muito. haha It was pretty normal other than that though. Crazy to believe its already come and gone.. so quick! 
Transfers came! I got moved and Iam one neighborhood over from João Pessoa in a place called Cabedelo. There will be 4 elders in a house that used to be a sisters place. So we are sweeping in and all we really know is that there will be a baptism tonight.. haha I already know the bishop here and a family that lives here and they pretty awesome so I am pretty stoked. Elder Wilson (from texas) will be my companion. He has been out for one more transfer than me but he has always been in Brasil so he speaks pretty well. I am stoked to learn a lot more here though. We have tons more people here that will be taught I think so it should give me some space to get out there and teach and learn faster. Our area is on the tip of the Penninsila so we have a beach in 3 different directions. just in case you wanted to know!

Family! I love reading all your letters! I could just sit here all day and read and never write back but i need to! haha I dont have much time today to get into detail but next week I will! Jenny! Lanbsons! Congrats!! Thats so awesome! Zone Defense time! haha I like Wyatte the most... I think I coached a kid named sawyer in soccer and he was a pest so thats my reasoning. Maggie your walking! What!! Parents your the busiest people of all time. Dad, pumped about th raise. Your deserve it. Brooklyn you will greatly help the broncos one day! btw- Im going for Seahawks.. Gotta rep my Washington blood! haha 

Até mais família! Eu processo bora!
Gotta go!

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