Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What the heck?‏ Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 11:10

Alright alright. SO my week was pretty great! We have had a bunch of great opportunities this week to teach and contact some great people. I keep feeling bad because as a new missionary all you want to do is go out and teach or do something to help you break off the new missionary nerves of talking to new people... but in Ritzville that doesn't happen all too often!! haha Especially when you have to do 4.5 hours of study every morning! But we are easing into a regular work week without too many meetings and other things that kinda get in the way. We are getting excited about the potential going down in the area and we can visually see just how if we played our cards right.. potential baptisms could be coming in the near future! Patti is getting baptized this Sunday @ 5 o'clock! No idea who is going to baptize or anything like that. I want my SON to do it but I don't know, she kinda has a weird trust thing.. So I might be the one she asks.. and she is "deathly afraid of water" (her words...) haha IT will be great though. The Elder kids are too busy to be on track for this weekend. But we will get them to commit to a date here next week. That family is so great! We watched Sunday Morning Conference with them at their place! The poor kids were bored out of their minds! haha Funny story: Anthony is 10 yrs old and one who we are trying to get baptized here soon. He looks around in the middle of the session and sees all of us writing on our spirals and notepads (Me, Elder Lauti and Sis Elder) so he goes into his room and grabs a star wars spiral and starts taking notes!! haha I was stoked! haha He probably lasted about 5 minutes before he realized he didn't want to do that so he just drew pictures of robots for the rest of the time! haha  

Conference was so awesome though!! I loved it all. I felt like a whole bunch of the talks were about President Monson though.. I couldn't decide if that was a good sign or not. There were a few apostles who I was a little concerned about health wise but idk. Just seemed like that was the flavor I was picking up. Elder Bednar laid it down for us in the afternoon session! We were watching it with Patti and I was already pumped for him to talk cause he is my BOY! But then he stands up and is like, "Today I am directly talking to those of you who are not members of the church." I was freaking out! I started to stare Patti down for the remainder of the talk! haha I really liked Elder Christofferson's talk too which is good because I have never really been drawn to his talks before. President Uchtdorf killed it this year in both his Priesthood and General Session talks. Elder Cook destroyed the mic with his talk too in the Priesthood sesh. (aka he did really good) haha idk I can go on and on about all the talks. They were way too good. Also I liked the native language thing but I was bummed when they decided to voice over rather than subtitled it. I almost died when Elder Godoy went up and gave it in Portuguese and I couldn't hear it. I now know what talk I will look up for language study though..

Keep of the busy lifestyle  and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE! I loved it mom. Your the best! Shoes were dope and I especially enjoyed all the awkward pictures you made everyone take! haha You crack me up mom, but I love you endlessly for it! 

Know that I love ya,


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