Monday, October 27, 2014

Last WEEK in the STATES Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 11:09

Yo yo,

Family. The time is at hand. This is officially my last week in the USA?! Ah well, I am feeling more and more ready to leave but I also don't think it has really even hit me at all. This week was pretty slow. One of the slowest of the transfer. We had meetings, Temple day, Meetings and wind out the wazoo so tracting or contacting anyone was hopeless. We DID however have some pretty crazy miracles though so I will get to those because those are what actually matter. Temple day was perfect. Exactly what I needed. If you ever need to just forget yourself for an hour and feel the comforting spirit. GO to the TEMPLE. Just walk around it if thats all you have time for. That place is the best. Watched the newest video again and then it hit me that this is probably the last Temple session I will ever get to do on my mission. Don't really know if they do it in Joao Pessoa or no. But yeah it was a great day. Got to say goodbye to most of the missionaries in that area that I love. Still thinking that maybe I might get to see Elder Tekanene again but I think that hope is fading. On Saturday, we have baptisms scheduled for Kenadie and Anthony Elder. Crazy story though... We are sitting in church yesterday during the Branch Council when I receive a text from Sister Elder saying that Kenadie no longer want's to get baptized this weekend!?!?.. My heart sunk. I didn't know really what to feel but in all honesty I was never really doubting that she would ever question it. So we see them in church and talk to them and really it was David that told me that she could  very well change her mind before Sat so we are hoping and praying that all will work out this weekend. Apparently the David's ex-wife is sweeping through and tearing everything apart that she can... This just is another testimony builder to me that Satan doesn't want Baptisms! It's all good though. Anthony is still down and we are going over there tomorrow night to talk and teach the rescue mission of a lifetime. At the end of church we found out that another kid in the ward, (belongs to a semi-less active family, has slight autism) has finally after 4 years decided that this next weekend would be a good time to get baptized. SO in one day we lost an Ondate and gained another!? So we could have 1 baptism this weekend, or we could have 2 or 3. Guess you will have to stay posted!! But it is a really huge blessing and I am so grateful to know that this is how my last weekend in USA will end!

We had our primary program as well this weekend so that was really funny to watch . We got some good ones out here too. Got my official VISA info. I fly out Tuesday the 4th at 7:25 in the morning. I then fly to Saint Paul, MIN - then to Atlanta, GR - then to Sao Paulo, Brasil! 25 hours in total including layovers so I am sure I will call during one of them. Probably from MIN... or Atlanta - whichever you prefer. Yeah, I need to figure the calling card stuff. I don't think I have that many min on my old card. I will take my Black suit for sure. Grey one I was thinking about taking anyways and then just give it away to some guy on the street that needs it haha.. you tell me what to do mom and I will do it though. I can pack like a pro now so don't you worry one bit. I am really pumped to go to Brazil so don't stress it mom. I know it's where the Lord wants me. Besides if I were to get transferred outta the Ritz I would have wanted to leave anyways. I got the Lemke package! Tell them thanks for me! I am trying to send some letters off soon to get rid of my US Stamps so tell them they can be expecting one of those as well. 

Family- Mom&Dad- keep being awesome. Mom I really need you to get some sleep and take care of yourself. I am totally good. Love the mission and especially all the trails that come with it!  Stay strong. Doubt not, fear not. God loves ya! Hope to hear from you guys next week!

Alright that about wraps it up.
You guys are the best family a missionary could hope for! Have a great week!


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