Thursday, September 25, 2014

Transfer calls‏ Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2014 12:31

What it be FAMILY!
Transfers have swept through and no lie it was a little bit predicted, nonetheless exciting. So first of all Elder Tekanene is outta here... I'm pretty bummed but its always fun to have a change too. I am going to be TRAINING this next transfer. Bring in the young blood! haha I am stoked actually. It will be interesting to be the first impression of what missionary work is like for someone. Hopefully, I can set a good standard. It will be so awesome though! Also I was made DISTRICT LEADER so that adds on to the freshness. haha I guess I am excited. It really wont be that much different than before. There is only one other set of missionaries in our district so idk It's an honorable thing I think. 
We also have our investigator Patti lined up to get baptized in October!!! She is still trying to figure out a date that she is comfortable with (MY BIRTHDAY would be an obvious choice if you asked me) but it's a solid commitment we think! She is an awesome person and the gospel is already improving her life and outlook on all that she has had to go through. We had a pretty sweet lesson on Friday night with some members and it was one of those where a "I'm gonna need some more time" turned into "yes! I would love to follow Jesus Christ and be Baptized" The spirit was pretty strong the entire lesson. That's without a doubt one of the greatest feelings you can have, not only as a missionary, but as members bore there humble testimonies, we all could feel it and everyone could sense that all of this really is true. That God loves us, He wants us to be happy, to come back home. Love being a missionary. #DoubtNotFearNot #D&C6 haha 
So yep Patti will be baptized out here and then the Elder kids should follow suit once they have a enough time to themselves to think! haha Running around with kids in sports and all that jazz! I have no idea how moms / families do it all! I can't think of anything much else too say that's that compelling or interesting. Just trying to find and teach everyday. This morning we did a bunch of service for Patti (#sacraficePDAY4DunkDay) and then we are driving out to have a BBQ with all the zone. Most people are leaving and there are a lot of people there are going to be a bummer to say good bye too. 

Alright Know I love ya,


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