Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Family History Center closed..‏Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2014 12:49:

Hey family! Sorry for the wait on the letter but where we normally go to do emails, (family history center in cheney stake center) was closed and so therefore we had no other way to email you. So hopefully this short letter on tuesday will get you through the next week! We have had a pretty slow but normal Ritzville type week. New investigators come and go but the problem with people here is that they are too friendly to say "No" when they really just aren't that interested. Never before I came out on my mission could I have thought that I would want someone to get all mean and closed right away in a contact instead of them letting us come by over and over while they sit inside and pretend not to be home. We picked up one new investigator however that came to church this week! Her name is Patti and a tree fell down on her house when the HABOOB swept through, giving us a reason to knock on her door and ask if she needs help with the clean up. Turns out that she has been contacted before by missionaries and that she would love to start to learn more about the church! Who would have thought that Heavenly Father would just drop a tree on someones house in order for us to find someone!

Temple was awesome. Watched the 2nd of the newest films and it was not my favorite but still legit. I love having the temple as an option in this mission. Sometimes it's what gets you through the transfer! Elder Tekanene is the man! I love this kid. We pretty much laugh all the time. The only times that we ever get frustrated with each other is when I forget that he is from an island and comes from an entirely different culture than I could imagine. We get along perfectly and yeah it will be hard to ever contact him after the mission but he has a facebook and is planning on going to BYU-Hawaii after so who knows?! 
New Bishopric! Crazy. I guess I never thought about how long they have been together before! That's exciting though. Let me know what goes down. Dad could be pulling a fast one on all of us so who knows! I can't believe the Charles is home! That's insane. And B has his release date already! Ahhh that's too fast! 
Thanks for calling SLC! It would make you happy to know that people are getting VISA's left and right around the mission. There are two that I know of right now (both from Texas actually) that are headed out at the end of the transfer. Elder Owens (if you remember him) is leaving and he is the one that came out here with me from my MTC district! So yeah who knows I could only have one more left in this mission... Looks to me like they will just keep missionaries through the transfer so If I did get mine in the next 4-6 weeks I would be here through October. So no need to hurry up on the B-day package! haha I do want some Green Chili though! New shoes would be awesome too because my poor nikes are thrashed from all the service and P-day stuff. Some casual nike braatas would be sick. haha jk you really don't have to send anything.

You all sound awesome and I am glad each of you had a chance to write me. I am seriously blessed to have such an awesome family!
I don't think we have any more time to write you specifically back but just know that I read all of them! Dad get better soon! TODAY IS YOU STINKIN BIRTHDAY! ya old man! love your guts. Your my hero!

K love ya all,

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