Monday, September 15, 2014

On the clock today!‏ Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 13:30


I am on the clock today! The family history center is no longer available to us missionaries so we are now at a library in Cheney WA and I feel so much pressure to write! There is a ticking clock in the left hand corner and I can't stop looking at it! Dang ok better start writing something that's important to you guys! haha Alright so we had a sweet week of driving and teaching and knocking doors! We are now on our last week of the transfer! How crazy is that! Elder Tekanene thinks that he might go because nobody has survived more than 4 out here in the RITZ but I hope he stays! Such a thug. Anyways the people we are teaching are pretty much the same. Elder Family is awesome! The kids are beginning to like talking to us and so we joke around with them and they are starting to think about Baptism. So it will definitely happen before I leave! I will make sure of it. And then the other lady I was telling you about, Patti, the one who had a tree fall on her house! haha She is so ridiculously excited about the gospel too! She is gonna be baptized before I leave as well. And then on Saturday we tracked into this awesome family that lives in a town called LIND and they have the most ridiculously cute girls! We just knocked on his door looking for the dad (because we talked to him before) and the son answered and said that him and his wife were, "definitely interested in learning more!" SO I will let you know who that one goes next monday. WE plan on seeing them Wednesday. I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS AREA! So much growth and potential in this area! I never would have thought that the church was growing so rapidly before my mission, especially when you look at small towns that look more like forgotten pit stops between cities! The lord is hastening his work! So yeah we also had interviews with president on friday. He really is an awesome guy! I told him in my interview that if he ever took me out of my area I would cry.. haha But he is beginning to talk about the chances of me getting my VISA as well so that bums be out a little bit! He is a great president though. Him and sister mullen are both awesome. This next week we have a lot of appointments and should be busy most of the week! Lets all hope a pray that most things don't drop though.. Curse of ritzville is that 90 percent of everything you plan goes down the toob! 
I am trying to think of any funny stories from the week or anything like that and I am drawing blanks! We gave talks on sunday and then taught gospel principles! I talk about you guys all the time in them so don't be surprised if you guys already have reputations  up here!

You guys.. Mom&Dad- both of you are awesome! Thanks for calling and dealing with SLC for me mom. Your a trooper. Dad keeping working hard and know that I use you as an example in all my talks! This week I was talking about titles that we all go by and said that you refer to yourself as a "stud muffin!" Apparently nobody up here really knows what that means cause I only got a few laughs out of it. but of well! haha Love you guys dunkin got dunked! haha Congrats for him! Glad you guys could make the trip up to support them! Way to go family! 

Alright well I love all of ya! Keep saying your prayers and reading the scriptures! Seriously though, scriptures are where its at! I am reading through the New Testament / Anything in the BofM and there are some precious gems in there! Just finished Acts.. let me tell ya, Paul is a stud. Read chapter 20:7-till the story ends..?? haha I know.. Love the weird stories.. But in all honesty I really am beginning to love reading the scriptures. They are the word of god for us to "search, ponder and pray" about. Helaman 3:19 I think??? Idk look it up! 
Love you all again!
Much love,


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