Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Transfer Calls and General Conference! Date: April 7, 2014 at 2:24:57 PM MST

Oi Minha Familia!

So I guess to start of this weeks letter I would just like to wish my BRO a Happy day of Birth!! I didn't forget about you one bit. I will attach a picture to prove just how much I didn't forget! haha Alright, my week has been pretty awesome. We had the chance to get involved in a bunch of service and we also got to teach our prime Investigator Peggy a bunch. With General Conference this weekend we were inviting everyone like crazy. Pretty much every day was booked and also a lot of the same. Service all over the place now that the sun is coming out and the weather is getting beautiful, we rarely have time to study! I got the remaining packages delivered finnaly! Thanks so much for the candy and other stuff! I loved all of it and I am still trying to work through it. SO conference was sooo dope! Seriously though. Every single talk was on point! I loved Uchtdorf's talks in Priesthood and in General Conference. "Don't Sleep through the Restoration!" I have that next to my alarm clock so that when I wake up It is the first thing I see. Now that I think about it, That was probably a quote from the Priesthood session. But his attitude of gratitude was super sweet too! "How often do we find ourselves offering thanks for the rainbow with out first thanking the rain that caused it!" super good. Also Bednar is the man hands down.. I think that's all I need to say on that! So after watching my first every session as a Missionary, I though I had payed attention more than humanly possible. But then I learned what it's like to watch with an investigator in the room. YOU LISTEN TO LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE SOUND! haha Peggy watched with us on Saturday Afternoon at a members home. She enjoyed it and it is becoming more and more clear that as we continue to teach her the more we realize that she is so prepared that we literally couldn't mess up if we tried. She is so awesome. April 19th. Gonna be a great day.
Along with that. We received our transfer calls last night! Looks like both me and my trainer are staying and only a few other missionaries from the zone are leaving. Which basically means that if my VISA can just hold off for 2 weeks then I will be here for Peggy's Baptism!! Yep! I am amped to say the least.
Well to answer some questions. Yes, I do have a bike.  The mission office provided me with one since I didn't ever plan on buying one myself. But we also split cars with the sister missionaries in Lewiston 3rd ward. So we have the car from Mon-Wed and then the rest of the week is biking (walking since my bike usually has a flat and we don't want to waist our money on a new tire or goo since I could potentially leave any day). But now that I am here for more than one transfer I am beginning to think It may be a while guys.. haha that's ok though. I only begin to doubt a little because I found out that another Elder from my district got his VISA. Elder Travino! haha but yeah maybe doubt isn't a good word because I honestly believe that once it comes I will be ready for it but I don't NEED it. 

I don't think I have that many good stories from the week. A lot of funny people here in the valley so pretty much everyday is a story but one of the best from the week may have been the overwhelming amount of animals I have hugged this week. haha I am beginning to make a bucket list of things I need to do in Lewiston before I leave and slapping a bull is on top haha! I will keep you updated on that and at the rate I am going with this animal love, It could happen any day! haha

Keep it up guys. Watch Basketball! Sounds kinda lame without AZ in it so that's fine by me that I have to miss it.
Amo Vocês!

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