Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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Minha Familia! Tudo Bem?

Haha I don't know why I always start in Portuguese but for some reason it makes me feel like I am serving in another country. About that though...I got some CRAZY news! I GOT MY VISAaaa!!!!?!?!~~ jk ... I am still in Idaho! But HEY I love the heck out of this place! Literally. WE be changing the world either way!  So, my week in reality has been pretty awesome. Lot of service again but also  a ton of lessons! We probably had 30 mins of down time, collectively through out the week! Crazy. But yeah things are still moving around here in the Lewiston Valley. One of the other Elders got transferred out and now we have Elder Stirling from Nevada. He has been out about the same amount time as I have so.. yeah its sweet. We have been teaching our investigator Peggy a lot. She is moving along so easily! She had the opportunity to attend a Baptism this weekend with us and she got to see first hand what it was going to be like for her when she gets baptized! Its going to be so legit! I am excited and I might have to chance to baptize her which I would be over the wall for but we will see. But other than that it has been pretty basic for us. The ward up here is pretty amazing and they wont let us have a night where we don't get fed. So we have someone feeding us pretty much every day! I know I feel so spoiled and I can clearly remember how I used to feel when the Elders / Sisters would come over so I am pretty good and picking it out in the kids when I see it haha! Food is great though. We pretty much eat everything. Lots of tomatoes and Mexican food attempts. Not the same without green chili.  I haven't seen  much asparagus yet but when I have I just beardown  (#AIRzona) and enjoy it.  So yeah we don't have to cook much and when I do I pretty much just heat up something in the microwave or make a quesodilla. Good old college actually taught me something!! But I have one pretty funny story to share this week: We were on splits and so I was with this guy from the ward who we had previously deemed Brother Crazy (no joke, happiest man on the face of the planet! So much so it's insane!). So we are sitting in the car and I get the idea that we go check out this less active member whom we had not been able to see on our last 10 attempts! We walk up and Brother Crazy, for whatever reason, just starts banging on the guys doorbell, literally.. like a gorilla on the bongo drums!  Usually frowned upon by society right? So I'm like "Bro (crazy), they're ignoring us. It's cool. Let's bounce." and then as we are walking away the LessActive bolts out the door with his Pit bull! haha talk about terrifying! haha so naturally Brother Crazy takes this as a warm approach and goes up and shakes the guys hand and introduces himself with the biggest smile and warmest voice! haha (for those keeping track at home, there is a raging Pit-bull in one hand, and an over excited  member fellowshipgiving fist bumps and hand jives in the other!) I loved it. We got to teach him a lesson at the door and as we kept talking he opened up to us more and more! I have such a testimony in a cheerful attitude! Seriously though. Be of good cheer and everything will pan out and work for you in the end.

Alright! I love you family! Keep up the hard work! 
Amo vocês muito!

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