Monday, March 31, 2014

Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 12:08

Minha Familia!!

Alright, my week. I actually took some time last night to write down the highlights from the week to share with you guys. SO last Tuesday we helped his guy move who may be one of the most intense baseball fans I have ever seen in my life. NO joke though. He had stadium seats, 50 signed baseballs, signed bases and patches of turf! This guy was legit! Biggest Dodger Fan on the PLANET! So we were moving a lot of stuff to his new apartment and a lot of it was considered precious so we were all very nervous when we had to carry the glass display case. So heavy but yeah we somehow managed it. He also had and autographed Yoda shrine with an autographed yam-aka on..? haha yeah we got a picture with it. no worries. 

This week we had the biggest blessing yet on my mission! We met this lady named Peggy on Wednesday and have met with her everyday since until yesterday when she came to CHURCH! She is the definition of GOLDEN! So elect! Seriously love her to death. She has had some many trials in her life that have pretty much humbled her to this point now and she is so ready to hear how to improve her life! Yep she is incredible. We will probably see her tomorrow and teach her the Commandments. Hopefully all goes well. Also on Saturday we did exchanges with the Zone Leader in the area. HE went with my comp Elder Hansen so I was with the ZLs comp Elder Folu from New Zealand! He is my bro and we had so much fun. I had to drive there car since I am the designated driver for my companionship and so we had like 5 other elders in this mini-van (the other elders are also from the area) and I was driving all of them around  and I am the youngest on the mission.  We were bumping some serious church music and jammin out, with the windows down because it was 60 degrees, and this car was next to us and he was laughing at us and we turned the music down and did a restoration lesson between the windows on a red light. It was so legit. Church is true. But yeah it was hilarious. Love being on my mission.

Ok ok my address is also important to give out to people when I make fun of them for sending mail to Bonners Ferry...
 3532 15th Street E
Lewiston ID,

There you go. I am still waiting to get my other packages and mail from the ZLs in the Bonners Ferry area tomorrow but that's alright. It just continues to be something to look forward to. As far as any VISA information.. I don't have it. ha I had to go into the post office last Tuesday and retake my Passport photos because the first photos were "too dark" haha yeah idk these people are crazy but I don't think that I have to re apply for my passport I just have to send these in separate I guess. That's ok though. We all know how bad my last passport photos were.. So it's probably better. I will make sure to send you a picture of what my new one looks like. ok also Yeah I forgot to write this in my last weeks letter but I am SO STOKED FOR DALLIN's CALL!! That's awesome. Tell him or Sister Parker that I know he will be a dope missionary! Says those words exactly! 

I love all of you very much! I hope I was able to answer some questions. But if not there is always next week! Time is flying by when your on the Lords errand!
Amo Vocês Muito!

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