Thursday, March 27, 2014


Sorry for the late post. Sick kids this week. The big news is that Bonner's Ferry, ID is not the same place as Lewiston, ID. Working on getting his correct address.

Minha Familia! 

First and foremost I would like to take this time to wish my mother a very Happy Birthday! She is without a doubt one of the greatest people I have ever had in my life. Seriously though I don't think that I would have been able to accomplish anything without her loving guidance and just her warm personality! Mom I love you like crazy. I cannot count the amount of times that I think about you here out in the foreign lands of north Idaho. And being honest its nowhere near enough because your one of the soul reasons I am out here on my Mission. Thank you for your testimony and your example. You make me laugh all the time. I think world of you. Ok I love you! I admit it! Time to write about myself now.

So this week has been pretty fun. We have had a pretty routine schedule going, week by week.  We went all the way up to Spokane on Tuesday for a trainer and trainie meeting. We made it over to the mission office after and I was able to pick up the past few letters you guys have been trying to send. I don't live in Bonner's Ferry. I was so confused haha. But regardless thank you so much for the shirt and other gifts! I got that and Sarah's blog letter. Which I couldn't see any of the pictures from but it was still good to imagine them haha. I have to painting from Conway and Ellese posted up on my wall as well so thanks Jen! Maggie your pictures are adorable! I loved the video. Some serious eyes there kiddo!

 Ok so really quick before the kick me off. My week was pretty smooth. Met tons of new investigators. Went to a funeral for the Dahlberg family if you remember them (he jams hard on the guitar and wears flannels) . It was good for us to be there for their family. WE ALMOST got Brother Lincoln inspired to say he wanted to be baptized but he wasn't going for it.  And now I have been given car control due to the fact that my companion doesn't feel comfortable driving. haha Yeah idk guys I really cant muster up any great stories this week.. OH WAIT! I remember we killed like 20 mice this week! Divided by 10. We got two of them. Secret combination of peanut butter and cheese. haha but yeah I have some sweet pictures I will send you guys next week. I really would articulate this better for you all if I had the time right now but I don't. I love you all and promise to get out some sweet stories for this next week!

Amo vocês!

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