Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 11:52

Minha Familia!

The long awaited email has arrived!! How crazy is it that I am in the field right now! I have a lot to say so I will try to get it all out there in the few minutes I have left to write. 
First things first, I am currently serving in Lewiston, Idaho 2nd Ward! Check it out on Google maps! I love this place so far and pretty much everyone that currently serves here calls this place the promised land and honestly there is some serious truth behind that. People here are just awesome and they are ready to hear the gospel! My companion is Elder Hansen and he is from Mesa, Arizona. He has been out on the mission for a year now and has spent most of his mission in "the sticks" of Canada and other tinny towns so needless to say he is excited to be here with me in Lewiston where we have our own Panda Express! He is new to the area as well so if you want to go by mission terms, we are both sweeping into the area and we don't know anybody.. at all. haha I guess that President Mullen just felt like things here could use a change and so he decided to move us down here and get people excited about missionary work again. Our district down here consists of two other sets of Sisters and they pretty much are tearing this place up! We only hear good things about the sisters in this area and from talking to them, they know everyone and they actually used to serve where we do now, but they served there a few transfers ago. So yeah I don't know... its been kinda frustrating to not know what we are doing down here and having to kinda wash the bad taste of the last missionaries that were here out of the mouths of the members and their former investigators, however, we have lists upon lists of people to visit so the work will be hasting for us shortly. But yeah its been so much fun! Me and Elder Hansen get along pretty great already and he reminds me of a Joe Stradling- Shaw Parkinson mix... I don't know how it makes sense but he pulls it off pretty well. 

Spokane area was beautiful while I was there as well though. My first day in the field we did some "Fear Bustin'-" and went tracking. It was dumping down some serious snow so it is pretty cool to think that the first door I knock on my mission was in the snow and the last one I ever knock will be the exact opposite! But yeah I stayed in the home of some members near the mission home and it was way tight! I tried to get a picture but found out I erased it I guess but over time I will get emails from companions and all that stuff so I am not worried. What else. I don't know so much happens everyday now so it's hard to think about what I should write... I feel so blessed to have this adventure in my life! I have sang to random people in the street, I have jammed out with a person and a guitar in his home!, I have helped some crazy lady move out and in turn carried home the entire contents of her refrigerator. I have honestly met some of the coolest people alive so far. We went on semi real splits with this member named Brother Keane and he shared to most incredible story about saving his Wife's life a few months back with a less active who we hadn't even meet yet and it turned out to be exactly who we needed to fellowship him back to church! It's the day-by-day, moment-by-moment experiences that are beginning to help me realize that none of the things that happen on this earth are by mere happenstance. I cannot wait to continue to serve these people and to serve the Lord. I know that I have a purpose to be here. I know that the person that the Lord wants me to meet is just around the next corner. 

Sorry I don't have anytime to write any longer because we are still trying to figure out laundry and all these details in the new area. ( We live in an Attic on top of some guys garage.. One room/kitchen/closet/bathroom... haha its incredible and therefor we don't have a washing machine) But yeah I wish I could stay and write you guys so much more but I know that you will survive another week and my next email will be better. 

Amo Vocês!

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