Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week #5‏ Sent: Tue 2/18/14 11:14 AM

Oi Minha Familia!

So its good to hear from all of you. Glad to know you got my email about SPOKANE! I was beginning to think I don't send it when I didn't receive 20 emails back instantly! haha But yeah I'm still so pumped about it! First off, Nano! I'm bumbed that Maggie still hasn't come yet! I couldn't read any DearElders in the past 3 days because of Sunday and Presidents Day so yeah I was pretty worried that Maggie already hopped out and was chillin with you guys! haha (sorry that sentence was really weird) Things here at the MTC are getting REAL, real quick! The district ahead of me is all gone as of this morning! None received any last minute VISAs. But yeah I am gonna miss this place! I love how spiritual and uplifting it is. I feel like sometimes I am more realistic than others because I know that as soon as I leave here I'm going to be terrified out of my mind! These are real people! Their eternal salvation is in my hand! haha But I also know that there is no other way I would rather be spending my time. Our recent lessons have been so awesome. I don't know what it us about Mondays but yesterday was incredible! We had two lessons and we committed both of them to Baptism! I know that it wasn't necessarily real and the fact that we are ending our stay here might have influenced our teachers to say yes but the spirit is SO strong when you receive that answer that you know will change that investigators life! I love feeling that joy and happiness for another person. You grow to love your investigators (real or fake)! Another sweet experience! I GOT TO SIT 20 FEET FROM ELDER HOLLAND!! haha its was probably the sickest thing ever! His son / President of UVU came to give a sweet talk about Joseph Smith, and Elder Holland introduced him. Knowing that his son was going to talk we put two and two together and made sure to get prime seating! But yeah It was so intense! Best devotional I have had at the MTC so far! Language is still coming! I feel like I know a lot but at the same time, If its not in a gospel context (aka words related to scriptures or restoration) than yeah I know nothing. Also if someone real speaks it at faster than a 3 yr old speed than yeah throw my knowledge out the window as well haha! 

Today I got a haircut in prep for the Field. Getting my suit cleaned and all that great stuff as well. MOM, I got hooked up with some sweet jacket and everything so no need to worry about buying me anything. I went in this morning to talk to some people about getting some warm stuff considering I'm headed to CANADA and they gave me a 300 dollar pee coat and scarf and gloves and hat for FREE! I will most likey have to leave everything once I head to Brazil but I think that's the entire Idea behind this whole arrangement. But yeah don't worry about anything. They treat the missionaries like gold here. What else.. I don't know what to say. This week has been pretty great I guess no real stories to share. We have to host more missionaries tomorrow and then on Thursday we have a full day of in-field orientation so the week will probably go by super fast. I'm SPOKED <stoked.. get it? > for Spokane, and to go with ELDER OWENS. He is seriously a great guy. I'm just glad I have someone to travel with really. 

Alright Family I think I've covered it all. Maybe even too much. I love you all! I love this work and gospel! And I know with all my heart that the Lord has me hear for a purpose. Keep your heads up, and press on. I will most likely write before I fly out and then it will be that Monday ritual! Love you guys.
Amo Voces!


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