Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Subject: Re: Week #3 Sent: Tuesday, February 04, 2014 11:02 AM

Oi Minha Familia! 

To start off this letter I would just like to briefly touch on a subject that is dear to all of our hearts. I thought I would just try to address the elephant on the keyboard before I can talk about anything else... I'm sorry the Broncos lost. No really though, I am. Call it death bed repentance or what ever you may but I was kinda hoping they could get the win on this one. When I found out the score I honestly didn't know what to say or feel. My teacher told me about the botched first play / safety... and that afterwords the game was pretty much over. Also, I pretty much only wanted the Broncos to win because another elder in my district says he "Really really hates the Broncos" and lets just say I don't have to most patience for his personality. Like I said I'm not competitive, I just want other people to loose. haha But anyways...Life here in the MTC is moving by pretty fast. It feels like yesterday that I was in the computer lab writing you guys last week. Classes are about the same and we still have to struggle teaching in a language we pretend to know. I feel like I learn so much everyday but its hard to see the immediate result. I feel like I can pretty much say anything I want to if you gave me 5 min per sentence. haha But tudo bem! (all is well) To answer some questions right off the bat, Me, My companion, Elder Mather   and Elder Owens  are all assigned to Joao Pessoa. Elder Worthington and Elder Trevino are going to Natal which is directly above Joao Pessoa and actually used to be part of the original Joao Pessoa mission until it was split. Like I said, nobody knows anything about their VISAs yet so we are all just chillin and waiting together. We have another district coming in tomorrow to our Branch and I guess their are 7 Elders coming in. All are going somewhere in Brazil I think. Tomorrow our district was asked to Host the new missionaries coming in which means that we get to walk them around to their classes and get books and show them where they sleep when they first get here. Its gonna be awesome to look like I actually know that's going on here and give my 3 week old words or advice haha but yeah I'm looking forward to it. I remember when I first got here my host was like the coolest guy but he forgot to take me to get my books so I actually had no idea what was going on when I had my first class day haha. I wonder what I could do to my missionary... haha 

Other than that, things here are pretty much same old same old. We have temple this afternoon and then a devotional in the night! So excited for it. I honestly love everyone that comes and talks to us! There messages are so inspiring and kinda makes you wish you were already out in the field. (And then some native Brazilian comes up and starts talking to you afterwards and then you start to cry because you brain just exploded trying to understand him. True story) Missionaries are only allowed to do endowment sessions but the new movie is way sick so it's not like I can get bored of it! Maybe its just a Provo thing but yeah I don't know if you New Mexico people have a new video like the rest of us. Guess it would give you a reason to head down and check it out! But yeah the temple is honestly the best place on earth! I love it! I saw Daniel the day he got in at dinner and then pretty often I see him in between devotionals and apparently he is living just a floor above me. I told him to come down and kick it with the Brazilian elders whenever he has to get food from the vending machines but he has yet to do so. Crazy enough I also saw Alan Dahl last Friday after some TRC training! I guess he journeys on up to the MTC to speak Portuguese to Elders for TRC (Elders teaching Members) and yeah I saw him and gave him a hug!  Yeah what else..

Somethings that I have been studying here at the MTC aside from language are the Characters of Christ! For me specifically it has been patience and I honestly had to struggle with the pride in my own heart towards elders of whom I still don't completely understand. I would seriously invite you guys to look of some scriptures about any of Christs characteristics and study it daily before you read the BofM. You will find some pretty legit scriptures, I guarantee it! One thing I realized after studying about Christ is that I have to many flaws! haha but I know that through Christ  I can also strive to improve myself everyday and grow from from them! I find that when I actively go out of my way to recognize the flaws I have in myself and then to express them to other people that might bother me,  I can have a greater impact on their lives and a greater capacity to love them than I would if I pointed out only their own flaws and their own problems. The craziest thing is that I doesn't make a difference right off the bat, and I'm not saying that its been any easier to live with some companions here in the span of only a week or two haha but a crazy thing happens when you focus more on loving someone than finding what you want them to improve, You actually forget what makes you crazy and the other person actually tries to change for you when they see how much you care first! I also advise you all to read to last two paragraphs in the introduction to the Book of Mormon before you read tonight. This is just a little glimpse into what I am going to be making all by investigators do but I love these last two paragraphs! Our purpose every time we read should be to grow out testimony in 1. the Lord and savior Jesus Christ (so hard no to write Cristo right there), 2. That Joseph Smith restored the gospel and the priesthood was given again to the earth, and 3. that The Church of Jesus Christ (almost did it again) of Later Day Saints is the true church on the earth today! I promise that if we read with purpose we can find so many answers and evidences of truth in that Book! My testimony is growing exponentially and I love it! 

OK sorry for explosion of Gospel in that paragraph but being here at the MTC does that to you! haha 
I know you guys are all great and I will look forward to the next few letters and Emails from you all. (Maggie, HERE YOU COME!) haha

Alright Tchao!
Amo vocês!

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