Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy P-Day! Sent: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 10:21 AM

Oi Minha Familia!
Another great week in the books now and believe it or not I have been in the MTC for 4 weeks already! To answer some questions right off the bat, YES time flies so quick here! I could have sworn I just wrote all of you yesterday! Thankfully I am actually learning a lot in between so its all good. Portuguese is still a grind but this week has actually been really great for me. Me and Elder Talbot made a goal for the week to try as hard as we can to produce some killer lessons. We promised to leave everything we had in every lesson and make sure we had no regrets by the time we got out. With two lessons a day and 5 teaching days a week I can honestly say that we put in some work! There is nothing more satisfying then being able to walk out of a lesson and have your teacher (mock "investigator") come up to you after and say that the lesson actually helped him (the real one) personally today! Yesterday was one of the best for that reason and I spoke Portuguese like a champion! But enough bragging about my incredible self.. haha Oh another thing this week that was super dope! The district ahead of us by a week got their re-assignments on Sat! It was so crazy! We all gathered in this tiny computer room and watched all of them open their new re-assignment emails and it was so much fun! None received VISAs and all of them are going Stateside. Most are going into freezing weather so yeah needless to say there were kinda bumbed out.  It started to make me think about what its going to be like for me! I don't care where I go or if I even get my VISA, the idea of being able to actually communicate with people for the first few weeks in the mission actually sounds pretty nice. So yeah they got theirs on Sat and given that our schedule follows theirs, I should know my fate buy the end of the week so stay posted for an email Sat night!!!

What else. District is still cool. We are all pretty much family and our Branch is pretty tight. Hosting was pretty fun considering I was never really hosted by anyone when I arrived. Kinda bitter sweet to watch other moms loose it and little siblings bawling their eyes out when they drop off their older brother/sister. It was kinda funny though because I had to make sure they didn't take up too much time so that the line can flow smoothly and so I would always say something like "No worries we'll be sure to take Extra care of them (as if I would ever actually see them again)" and usually nobody responded but this one time this Dad looked me in the eye and said "You better..."haha It was kinda uncomfortable but no worries. Tomorrow we have to Host again so now I have some experience under my belt it will be super efficient! To answer Nano's question; No I am pretty much the same weight still. I'm probably gaining more weight though because at college I never had so much access to food  like I do here at the cafeteria and considering we don't do much to work it off, I would say I have defiantly gained a pound or two.Tudo Bem though I will just loose it once I get into the third world country know as Brazil!

Alright well I'm getting pretty used to this letter writing business so it feels like I'm getting through them faster. Not as much new information to share perhaps. Alright well keep me in your prayers. You're all in mine! This is the Lords work I am falling in love with it! Keep on cheering for team USA. Yeah I don't even know anything about that life. Curling is pretty dope though I do remember that Jen! haha and oh yeah thanks for cheering on my Wildcats! I probably shed a tear when I heard they lost but oh well. Poor Brandon Ashley.. He will get it next year.
Alright, Tchao Tchao,
Eu amo voces muito!


Right before I came her to write you guys. Elder Trevino said I needed to show you "the Greaseball" that I am

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