Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 12:56

Minha Familia! Tudo Bem!?

Life here in Lewiston has been pretty great and it was awesome to open my LDS mail account and see all the love and pictures. Seriously you guys are the best! Alright to start off the week,.. So we have been continuing our sweep of the Lewiston area and trying hard to meet more people everyday and build up our Teaching records. We didn't have much of a chance to connect with anyone we had met in previous weeks so yeah we really did kinda have to start over and meet some new people. We met the one less active member whose name is Brent Cooper. Its kinda weird calling him brother Cooper because I feel so dis-attached  to my first name out here. He is a really cool guy. He was in the Marines  and was shot out of a Helicopter with and RPG missile which broke it back and neck and both knees.... crazy right!? He has a disability check from the military that pays for his living now but because he can't do much physical labor his house in kind of a mess.. So we went over and did some service and he has some kids that are in Highschool that could probably use some gospel messages!! Yep it's gonna be pretty awesome getting to teach them these next few weeks! They are some really nice people. Our first time there they made us some bacon. Ha It's the young ones GO-to snack haha. We also had the chance to meet some of Bro. Christensen's friends and Potential Investigators. We met the Cavanaugh family last night and they are pretty awesome! The wife is probably one of the funniest people ever. She is a winner and the family has a ton of promise in possibly converting over so it will be fun to teach them more. Doug Linoln, if you remember from last letter, WAS at Stake Conference yesterday and I was sitting right next to him. It was such a sweet conference and all centered around people's conversion stories and it was basically everything the he needed to hear so tomorrow night we are going over to see if we can get him to put himself on date!! Yeah pray for us, I have a sweet feeling about it and I know he felt the spirit, I sitting right next to him and he brought it up after that he kept getting chills because of the temperature of the room and I was like "or its the SPIRIT talking to ya!" ha and his wife came over (the member) and said "I think the spirit feels a little warmer than that!" (wrench thrown..) haha its all good though, he is basically Elect to get baptized at some point.

So I will try to include more about my life here in Lewiston really quick. We live in a super small garage "attachment" -if you will- and yeah, 2 rooms. Literally 2... (bedroom-study- kitchen all one room, and then the bathroom) but I love it! 

We rent from a non-member family the LittleJohn's. Missionaries have lived here forever and so he is pretty much not open to being taught. But yeah still super nice people. The town is pretty much country living! It really is good sized town though closer to the river. They have a Panda Express so yeah I don't consider them that RED neck. haha There is the Lewis and Clark college just off the hill we live on and yeah pretty much its kinda random here. Some houses are really rundown and hurting (mostly older people with disability) and then there can be some really nice houses that younger families or doctors and dentists, live in and yeah its pretty much ever other house that's nice or bad. I think I mentioned this in my last letter but everyone here has horses or sheep or goats or something. Also dogs. Whenever we are talking to people they talk about some ranch work or something like that and ask if I have ever done this or that and I almost always say "nope! but I am sure my dad probably has!" Seriously though this is modernized farm land. Side note story of the week. We were eating dinner at the members house and the 9 year old girl was so stoked to show me here baby goat that was born a few days earlier. She eventually couldn't contain herself and just brought him in. Ha I held the little guy pretty much for the duration of the meal and then throughout the lesson haha my companion didn't want to hold him and the little girl wouldn't let me put him down so there you go.. haha I have a picture I will try to send haha.

 But yeah that's how we do dinner out here in Idaho! On Friday we traveled out to the other outlying areas in our boundary. We went with our Bishop and gave some sweet lessons to some less actives. Always a good experience to teach well in front of Bishop.  And yeah that's all I have about me.

Alright well I love you all soo much!!
Amo vocês muito! 

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