Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Where am I‏ Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2014 14:33

What is up my family! So right off the bat this computer is super ghetto so I have to wait for 1 minute every time I spell a word. It sucks... haha but todo bem! OHHHH my goodness I am in BRASIL! Sao Paulo is super sick! I pretty much love it here but I honestly dont want to be in the CTM anymore. My teachers are super great and I love every one of them. But once you have been in the field and know how great it is you cant go back. So yep these next few days will be a grind and a half. We do ge tot go out and do some street contacting which is way tight! My favorite thing ever. Our first person that we contacted was pretty much gold! Every time we get to go out we give out 8 BofMs between the 4 of us! Our district is only those of us who were visa waiting which is only us 4. Everyone else that you saw in the picture was either a band new missionary or a brazilaro! But yeah there was a good number of us. Today we went to the temple! Sao Paulo one. We watched it in English which was kinda a bummer but I went through the vail in Port. I just read it off a page. Still dope. My comp is from Portland so I am still rocking the NO Comp from Utah record... Its fun to be able to swap mission stories with everyone on the mission. I cant imagine all the stories I will have once I am done with brasil! Language is coming along. I feel better at it everyday but seriously I still just want to go to the field.  FAMILY I LOVE YOU- West&Stasia&BROOKLYN! THATS INCREDIBLE I am so excited for you guys! Oh my gosh I honestly didnt think she was going to come soo soon but oh my gosh she is perfict! ALRIGHT i love you This computer is the worst. I hate having to leave you guys with such a lame email but I really need to gobefore I puch a hole in this compture screen! I love you all ! I love brasil! I love the food! TOdos! ELDER CHRISTENSEN

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