Wednesday, November 5, 2014

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Hey hey family!
Just made it into the Sao Paulo CTM! Loving it! I can see buildings for days and it crazy to see another part of the world! The room I am in is in the top so I can see pretty much everything from our window. Next time I will send you a gnarly pic so you can see. My companion is Elder Beavers and he was VISA waiting in Ogden UT for 14 months before he got his. The other elders that are in our room are ones that have been out forever as well. One that was out for 15 and the other was actually in the MTC in Provo at the exact same time. People here are already dope! I can just see all of um and I want to badly to just walk up and be able to dish it out in Portugesse but unfortunatly I cannot. I hope to be able to pick it up again though. The week will be moving pretty fast I think and they have a different program for all the 2 week people that is faster and more intensive though so haha it will kick me in the face thats for sure!
Plan ride was long... super long. They had tablets in the back of all the seats in front of you though so it was better to waste time playing solitare if nothing else. I dont really know too much else of what to say. I loved talking to you guys yesterday! Its always a good feeling to be able to call home and everyone sounds pretty much the same and no awkward feeling about it. JENNY! I am so sorry I ran out of time and never got to call you guys.. Thats what happenes when you barrow from members and they have to make their own flights to South Africa!
You guys are all so awesome! Keep it up and know that I am praying for you guys everyday! 
ALRIGHT everyone . Buckle up!, This is gonna be a fun one.
Amo voces muito! Tchao Tchao!

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