Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sent 5/12/14

You have 2 more days in Hawaii! Live it up!

It was so good to see you guys yesterday! Glad to hear you are all doing so
great in life and everything! I don't really know how long you guys will be
on the Road to Hana but it sounds sick! Enjoy it.
This P-day is jam packed with all the missionaries in the valley gathering
to send Elder Wong back home on Saturday. SO I don't know how much effort
may be contributed to this email.. But yeah things this week have been
pretty great. Had a really busy week with meetings and with going to the
temple so we didn't get to teach as much as we wanted to. We had such a
sweet zone-conference on Thursday! In the middle of the meeting, our
mission president called on some sister missionaries to go out into the
streets and pick some random person to come in and practice teach in front
of everyone. The sisters went out and found someone in the parking-lot of
Wal-Mart!! And she accepted a baptismal invitation! She was so prepared!
Just proves that you have to talk to literally everyone because you never
know when or where someone will be looking for the true and restored
This upcoming week: Baptism on SAT! going to be so sick! hopefully all
works out and it should be alright! After that I should find out if my VISA
is coming. Then Depending on if I stay, I get to help out at the NAIA
Baseball World Series here in Lewis&Clark State Collage! Going to be so
much fun! I really just want to stay for the soul purpose of keeping my
free shirt. Because if I leave I would have to leave it for the Elder that
would replace me!

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Don't worry or feel bad about me at all when you
guys go on vacations or do anything like that. I know that things will be
hard once everyone parts their ways after Hawaii but I know that it is all
apart of Gods plan for our family. West and Stasia! Your going to be
TEXANS! You can start practicing your Y'ALLs asap. Nano and Anton!  JAPAN
wont know know what hits them!
EVERYONE ELSE!! I love you all! Mom I hope you had a great Mothers Day!
Your the best mother that a person could ask for.

Have fun in HAWAII! I will write a better letter next week!
Amo vocês muito!


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