Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Notha Day Notha Dollar ‏ 5/19/14

Alright Minha Familia! 
We have a lot of crazy stuff going down up here and its been a roller coaster of a week so le-go!
First things first, no VISA! yep kinda a bummer... worst part is that I pretty much through in the towel and admitted to myself that I wasn't going to get my VISA in time to make it down to Brazil in time for the world cup on Saturday evening considering transfer calls were Sunday night and usually they let people that have to travel a few days earlier so that they can be ready to get on the plan on Monday. So yeah I was admittedly bummed a little bit to sit there at the desk Saturday night and stair at the phone on the desk waiting for my false hopes. Sunday rolls around and we go to church and for whatever reason we have the most stress filled Sunday ever. We have like 4 investigators there that we were not expecting and like 5 less actives that just randomly showed up! Then we taught three lessons that day and caped off our 30 lesson week in a flaming glory! I have no idea how we were able to teach as often as we did but we did. 30 lessons.. i am sooo tired! haha Also last night we had transfer calls. Me and Elder Hansen are still companions and still in the same area. On top of this we are receiving another Elder into our companionship meaning that we are not entering into the realms of a Tri-panionship! Crazy stuff is going down. His name is Elder Johnson and I guess he has been out for a while because Elder Hansen knows who he is and has served around him. So.. yeah there are now going to be 3 Elders in the BARN, for 6 weeks.. haha I don't even know what to say really. Plus my mind is all messed up know because here I was a broken man a few days ago about not going to Brazil anytime soon and now that we are in a Tri-panionship, which only happens under dyer circumstances, It naturally leads me to believe that I will be leaving sometime soon. Which I guess makes sense if I get my VISA in the next three weeks but if that is so, they would have to know something more about my VISA, and if that's so then WHY HAVE THE NEGLECTED TO TELL ME?!?! I have no idea what's going on anymore.. haha as you can see from this letter thus far. This weekend has kinda been REDonkuLOUS!!
But in the mist of all this confusion and stress there gleams a shimmer of hope and happiness. PEGGY GOT BAPTIZED!!! She was baptized Saturday afternoon after having made a emergency, split second, poorly timed, Satan inspired , trip up to Spokane and back in the morning! (Spokane = 2 hours away = 4 hours round trip = usually not the most choice activity before a Baptism that was originally planned for 2 o'clock!! and was not made aware to the missionaries until Friday night!!) haha so yeah it was all good though because she was with her Son for a while which was actually really good for her but at the same time she was dropping  him off for JAPAN and will not see him again for 3 years. ANYWAYS!! She was Baptized! I was honored with the opportunity to baptize her and the spirit was so strong during the service! One of the best moments of my mission thus far and seriously such a fun moment. I love Peggy and I was so happy when she asked me to baptize her!  She is without a doubt one of the funniest crazy person I have ever met and I can see just how much the Gospel has changed, did change, and will continue to change her life and her outlook.  I firmly believe that she was someone I had to meet before going to Brazil and the fact that I will be here a while longer just means that I may be able to see Terry get baptized and who knows who else I have to still meet. Heavenly Father has  a plan for all of us. He has a plan for Peggy. He has a plan for Me. I just need to be patient and discover just exactly what that is. Peggy has so many new friends in the Ward! The fellowship started way back when we first met her and it has been so much fun introducing her into her now brand new ward family. I have no doubt that she will be watched over if I had to leave tomorrow. 

 (a family friend from Safford has a Daughter serving in the same mission as Coop. Sis, Johnson)

Alright guys! You guys are all incredible! This week has been a trying one for me personally but as we all know from wise words of Kelly Clarkston "WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER!" haha not missionary approved haha Stay strong. Hope this letter made sense! 

Amo vocês!

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