Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Subject: Re: First Letter Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 10:29 AM

Oi Familia! 

This is officially my first letter home! MTC is crazy busy and incredibly stressful but I can't lie, I love it here! The spirit is so strong, all the time. Its so much fun. So after some time getting orientated on Wed, I finally got to meet my district. They are some pretty cool, pretty interesting Elders. My companion for the MTC is Elder Talbot from Fort Lewis, Texas. Not so much a cowboy or anything but he loves saying Y'all and overall I think the best way to describe him would be McKay Parkinson. Not even a joke. If you really want to know what my companion is like, just think of McKay. haha We get along great and our work together is pretty on point. He went to BYU for a semester and is actually still 18 years old. As for the other Elders in my District. We have the Southern combo meal with Elder Mather (Missouri) and Elder Owens (also Texas,.. also says Y'all). Then we have Elder Trevino (Minnesota)  and Elder Worthington (Vermont). So yeah we have no one in our district from Utah or Idaho which is pretty impressive! We all get along pretty great but again its only been a week so we will see... haha. I probably get along with Elder Trevino the best. He is such a funny guy and his ignorance to the Canadian trends from Minnesota is hilarious. I am not the district leader nor do I feel like I would want to be, however Elder Worthington is pretty stoked about it and probably wouldn't be able to handle it if you know that I'm trying to get at. haha
Portuguese is defiantly not English.. haha It is coming along slowly but surely. Third day in the MTC me and Elder Talbot had to go in a teach our first investigator Evando, only using Portuguese! Not the best lesson I have ever been apart of for sure. haha It pretty much went like this... Oi Evando!... (and then uncomfortable animal noises until the lesson was over haha) But regardless, the language is coming along and we have taught him 2 more times since. Our district's teacher is Brother McLoughlin and he is a pretty bomb guy. He just got back from his mission in March so he gives a lot of insight to the culture and little language tidbits. For the first few days he spoke only in Portuguese which was kinda discouraging because I felt like my mind was melting just trying to comprehend it all. The best thing thats helped me to become more comfortable in the language so far is praying. Its kinda funny how much you pray here in the MTC and at first when I got here is was really weird because you would be walking around the Cafeteria and just see people scattered around trying to prey which is probably not that out of place during Lunch. But then you will be walking in the halls and just during district study where you just see people all the time going into Pray mode. No joke you will be fully in conversation with and Elder one moment and then when you look up to say something to him, bomb awkward prayer interruption.
ok so I don't really know what else to say about the MTC right now so I guess I will just move into your guys lives now! Talk around town is that the Broncos are in the Super Bowl! Congrats guys.. Sorry Briton.. Pictures are awesome! Little old Rusters is great. haha cant compare to all of the weird positions I've seen Bow in though. CONWAY and ELLE! How are you guys? Conway your messages are so profound! I love your letters bud! keep them coming. Dear Elder is pretty great. Mom, Dad, sounds like you guys had an adventure after you dropped me off! Hope the Yukon will last for you guys! Sorry the bill was pretty wack. Lambsons your the best! Jen just make sure you finish the set when Jillian tells you and then doing sit ups with Conway on your stomach will be easy peesy! haha Nano and Anton! keep at it! Baby will come when shes ready and you will do amazing I'm sure of it. Anton you the man! It was great to see you one last time at Denny's no matter how awkward I may have been! West, Stasia, keep at it my homies within a stones throw! I finally get what you were saying West. Inside here feels like the most isolated place on earth. I keep looking outside the window of our classroom and I'm like, "I remember when I could be alone and walk to class in the early morning.. good times.. haha but seriously I know I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now!
Well I'm coming to an end in my letter. Today I get to go to the Provo Temple (so much cooler than it looks like in pictures) in the afternoon and then we have a devotional to attend tonight in the Gym which will most likely be BOMB! I guess I just missed Elder Bednar's talk on the Tuesday night before I got in. Side note!.. I've seen Dalton like 3 times now and on Sunday night he represented Los Alamos like a champ by accompanying a duet with his Chelo! Super cool. I was like, "I KNOW THAT GUY! WE DRANK THE SAME WATER AND EVERYTHING!"
So yeah Tuesdays are my P-days. Email me this after noon maybe and I might have time to see it tonight? idk but yeah mom if you want to forward this email to the basic folks that would be great! 

Alright well I have some college friends to right now so I will talk to you guys again next week!
Much Love!
Tudo Bem! (Everything well)
Tchau! (Bye)
Yours truly, Elder Christensen

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