Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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Oi Meu Familia!

Second letter of the mission here we go! Things at the CTM are moving pretty fast and heavy now. I feel like now that I've been here for longer than a week, time just decided to move lightning McQueen status (fast).  So crazy how quick time can fly here. A crazy thing happened this week! Our first investigator Evandro, the one I mentioned in the previous letter, is now my teacher Irmao Gray! I would be lying if I said that I wasn't expecting it but that day in class when he walked in I couldn't stop smiling! Its incredible how true it is that once you pour your heart into someone (trying to learn the language so that they can understand you, trying to improve their lives by introducing them to the gospel) how much you grow to love them. Even if it wasn't technically speaking real, the spirit is was so strong. So yeah now I have two teachers (Irmao McGloughlin being the other) and they couldn't be better! I am so happy and blessed to have them! Learning the language is a grind! I feel like some days I honestly can't speak anything, and then I go back to my room and start yelling at my companion in Portuguese as if I was a local! (We had to make a rule that I wasn't allowed to make fun of him unless I could say it in Portuguese. Since you guys know me pretty well you can see how hindering that was to me) haha Without even really knowing it I learn so much everyday. I just have to keep in mind that I can't learn it all at once. My district is pretty great! Still working out kinks and differences but we all seem to know why were are there and the importance of the work. Me and Elder Trevino must have been best buds before we came to earth because I love that peruvian! We have so much fun together and I am trying to get him to move down to Logan after the mission so that we can kick it at Utah State but the Minnesotan (canadian) in him won't budge. Imagine him as the hispanic Breynton and you pretty much understand most of his personality. Me and my companion Elder Talbot are getting along better everyday. I almost killed him last P-day but then I went into the temple and all is well. haha Tudo Bem. He is a great Elder and it picking up on the language super fast. He pushes me to learn faster everyday so thats also a blessing. As far as my zone we just received another district so we are no longer the Newbies. They are all going to Mozambique though which is pretty gnarly. 

Alright so I will try to answer all the questions you guys ask and feel like I know what's going on in your lives. As far as sending food here to the MTC, please do! Dad your jerky is a hit! Pretty good batch and it always nice to know that the meat you send is actually from an animal! Yeah the cafeteria is pretty good don't get me wrong I just don't trust half of it! Mom thanks for the Tie as well! Its going to be my temple tie today! One thing I kinda wish I had here while I waste my days here in Utah is a sweater! or at least something more warm than a church sweater.. Whenever we have to go to morning service or walk outside for GYM I freeze! I'm pretty sure that Dalton left for Brazil and got his VISA. They generally don't let Elders know if they have their VISA or not until the Thursday of their last week. I don't know why but that's just how they do it. So I have no idea about that. Can't wait for Daniel to get in tomorrow though! Hopefully I will see him! I haven't met too many elders going to Albania but they would most likely be here rather than the MTC West Campus.

You guys are doing great though! Dad & Mom you guys are the best! Dad your letters make me so happy! It's always nice to read the opening line and see a "Dear Elder Coop". Makes me feel like I still have a first name! I love all of the ya's instead of you's as well! haha Mom you're the best, you already know I love you to the moon and back forever! Lambson clan! I love your letters! Conway, I find your jokes to be extremely funny! You're the funniest comedian I know! Elle you're well on your way! Love the pictures! Britton stay at it. You're still less  of a man than I am but that still gives you room to be more manly than the rest. West & Stasia! whats crackin my provo amigos! I loved the letter you sent! For whatever reason I got like 3 copies of it so yeah I read it three times. haha Sounds like you guys are living the dream going to B-ball and Concerts! Enjoy the phone and make sure you send some pics my way some time! Nano and Anton! BABY CAN COME ANY DAY NOW! It hit me yesterday that I will most likely be in the MTC when this all goes down! At least I can claim I was in the same state when the kid grows up to love me more than all of you! I pray for you specifically everyday! You will be an incredible mother. Start working on your patience now because that baby I'm sure is already gonna start giving you some grey hairs haha. Anton thanks for the email. The brazilian in you makes you ten times cooler now that I'm struggling to learn Portuguese! Você é jagunço! 

Alright I hope this letter was long enough. I still feel like I forget to answer most of the important questions but hope that this will satisfy until next week. 
(Just Remembered - None of the elders in my district know about their VISAs either. My companion never did a fingerprinting but his VISA is going through the LA one since he did his while he was a BYU. The travel office told him not to worry about it though and that some consulates don't require it... ? I don't really know all about that. But yeah VISAs are picking up around here and the word on the street is that they will discontinue to call Elders to Brazil from that live in America in order to flush out all the VISA waiters and all the mess before they start calling Elders there again. I think that the government isn't that stoked with all the Missionary Traffic. I'm fine with waiting and honestly it would be pretty exciting to get another call!!)

Ok seriously I wrote down so much love but now I must away! 
Talk to you guys again next week and I will try to add a pictures or something. I don't know maybe I will try to send some right now. Stay posted for a possible picture email after but I really do have to leave! 
Eu amo vocês!

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